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Refillable Hand Sanitizer Bottle that Clips to your Car's Passenger Sun Visor!


Each time you get in the car after errands or work, you simply reach up, pump, and go! No more spending time searching. Sanivisor™ is always in reach and makes hand sanitizing easy!


Get Your Sanivisor™ Today!

$10 Each

Easy Access Hand Sanitizing!


Sanivisor™ provides an easy access spot for your hand sanitizer on your car's passenger sun visor and doesn't take up valuable space in your car's cup holder or glove compartment. Now you can use your cup holder for cups and your car's visor for hand sanitizer!

My Story


I'm Asher, a senior at Highland Park High School. I did not want to sit back and watch as the pandemic devastated communities across the world. So, I created Sanivisor™, a revolutionary hand sanitizer bottle for your car that is always in reach and makes it easy to apply hand sanitizer on the go.

Quick & Easy Hand Sanitizing!


Environmentally Friendly Refillable Bottle!

How to Refill your Sanivisor™ in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Remove the top of the bottle.

2. Insert a stick and push down the base.

3. Put in your favorite hand sanitizer gel. 



I love my Sanivisor™! This clever product is a great addition to my car where it doesn’t take up any space and I can easily sanitize my hands without digging around in my purse.  I always know exactly where it is for clean hands!  Great design and wonderful product!


Sanivisor™ is so convenient and looks great in my car! Now I always remember to put on hand sanitizer because I see it right away when I get in the car. I love that it is refillable too.

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